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Orbit GT’s Mobile Mapping solutions are disrupting the way mobile mapping content is created, processed and consumed forever. Serving vast volumes of real life data, Orbit GT empowers companies and organizations to embrace and embed Mobile Mapping content in every day work. Manage your data using the powerful Content Manager. Extract features using Feature Extractions portfolio to produce and update content faster and more effective than ever before. Use Orbit GT’s Mobile Mapping Publisher to share over the internet, embed in your corporate software, and deliver to mobile devices.

GeoCue Group is Orbit’s Authorized Reseller in North America. We offer sales, support and training to Orbit user in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Please contact us if you have any questions or want more information about Orbit software.

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Capture - Content Manager


Orbit Content Manager

Import, Organize, Clean, Analyse, Bundle, Merge, Archive, and Export Mobile Mapping data. Based on Orbit ‘s impressive Mobile Mapping engine, the Content Manager offers all the tools you need to clean, correct and catalogue the collected mobile mapping data. Tools include automatic point cloud cleaning, data and metadata catalogue listing and querying, trajectory adjustment, delivery export and more.



Orbit Feature Extraction

Visualize, Navigate, Overlay, Measure, Extract, and Analyze Mobile Mapping Data. Use Orbit’s powerful viewing tools to zoom in on any detail. Roam freely and simultaneously in point cloud and imagery. Use the many measurement tools to identify objects, either points, lines, areas, and save as new features in GIS or CAD layers. Pick your solution from basic to high-level feature extraction, single seat for (semi) automated processing work to full client-server configurations available for large production teams.



Orbit Cloud or On-Premises Data Publishing

Using the Orbit GT Cloud or the Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher on premises, you can publish your mobile mapping content to share over the internet to web browsers, to mobile devices, to embedded viewers and integrations in enterprise or customer’s workflows.