True View In The Time Of COVID-19

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: April 23, 2020

Imagine this - you are releasing a new product with a new business model.  You have invested a lot of money, time and emotion into the project.  You run risk analysis scenarios such as market acceptance, product reliability, supplier stability and so forth.  It is doubtful, however, that you had the prescience to factor in a global pandemic! 

However, I am a firm believer in the old adage - "that that does not kill you will make you stronger." 

Where GeoCue stands during COVID-19

In reality, GeoCue is in pretty good shape.  We had saved a bit for a rainy day and we have no debt.  Our True View 410 series had already been released to the market before the "stay at home" orders were issued (fortunately, GeoCue Group can operate as an essential business by virtue of the fact that we serve the construction, mining and agriculture industries). While we do have about two-thirds of our staff working from home, our critical team of manufacturing, product testing and R&D are still here at the office (as am I).

My advice to everyone (for what it is worth!) is to treat this situation as a marathon, not a sprint.  There will be no rapid solution such as a vaccine so we have to be very careful not to make quick reaction treatments worse than the disease itself.  We cannot all stay at home until a vaccine is available; we have to be a lot smarter than that.  After all, the terrible Spanish flu of 1918 was not ended by a vaccine but rather by pragmatic approaches to phased crowd control, wearing of masks and - well, very similar approaches to those we are taking in today's coronavirus pandemic. 

As the world does gradually return to business over the next few months, we will have a real challenge managing scarce resources, particularly cash.  Capital investments will be deferred as we focus on more immediate concerns such as making payroll and paying the rent. 

The True View Subscription Plan - Technology Investment

Of course, you knew I would get to the sales pitch and here it is.  The True View subscription plan is tailor make to situations where you are uncertain of the overall value of a business and you must be prudent in testing the waters.  If you enter or increase your mapping business, using drones and other technology, will investing in a 3D Imaging System (3DIS) such as the True View 410 be a positive return?  Obviously, this depends on too many factors to enumerate here ranging from how much you can charge for a project in the new, severely bruised economy to the efficiency of your operations.  However, with a True View drone LIDAR/imaging system cutting topographic survey time of a vegetated 100 acre land development site from 3 weeks to two days, can you afford to not invest in technology?  In fact, a technology investment may be just the thing you need to power you back out of the coronavirus hole.

Fortunately, we offer the True View 410 under a subscription model.  For a relatively low investment, you can obtain a True View 410 for as short a period as one month.  Since all needed software is bundled with the sensor for the subscription period, you do not have the added expense of workflow tools.  In addition, we are offering fairly effective web-based training that is also included in the subscription price.  All you need to add is an operator and a drone. The True View 410 is nicely carried by the DJI M600 Pro drone (a mounting kit for this model drone is included in the subscription) so even the drone is a modest investment. 

True View 410 Mounted on DJI M600 We do realize that with remote training and short staff, your technical support needs will be higher than normal.  Our technical support is manned at full staff and is well equipped to provide remote support. 

So while business is certainly impacted by the current situation, we can't just fold our tents and go home.  I am sure you are laying out a pragmatic plan to get back to work.  I think our technology, with our flexible business models, can help on that road back to normalcy.