LIDAR & Drone Mapping Solutions


GeoCue Group Inc. founded in 2003, located in the Huntsville, Alabama area offers software, hardware, training, support and consulting services for LIDAR mapping, including production and exploitation, and drone mapping, including data collection, processing and management.

GeoCue is the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR mapping processing tools in North America and LP360 is one of the world’s most widely used tool for exploiting point cloud data. 

In 2014, GeoCue Group started a division focused on using small Unmanned Aerial Systems for high accuracy mapping. Leveraging our expertise in production, risk reduction, and point cloud processing tools, we are continuing to bring new services and products to market to provide surveyors and other geomatics professionals exciting tools for geospatial data extraction using low cost drones including Loki, our plug-and-play PPK direct positioning system, and now our new True View® LIDAR/Imagery fusion sensors.

LP360 Comprehensive Point Cloud Visualization

LIDAR Mapping offerings:

  • LP360 software for extracting information and deriving products from point clouds in standalone or ArcGIS environment.
  • The TerraSolid family of products for processing point cloud and image data from airborne and mobile LIDAR systems.
  • LIDAR Server for local data management and distribution.
  • The GeoCue product family for workflow management from LIDAR production to QC.
  • Earth Sensor Portal for enterprise data hosting and distribution.
  • True Viewthe industry’s first integrated LIDAR/camera fusion platform designed from the ground up to generate high accuracy 3D colorized point clouds.
Drone Mapping with True View 410 in Flight Mounted on DJI M600

Drone Mapping offerings 

(Former subsidiary, AirGon LLC):

  • True View – GeoCue’s sensor introducing the industry’s first integrated LIDAR/camera fusion platform designed from the ground up to generate high accuracy 3D colorized point clouds.
  • LP360 (sUAS licensing level)– We offer the same software for processing drone mapping data that we do for LIDAR, except at a lower price point for drone mapping.
  • Reckon– Our Amazon Web Services (AWS)- hosted data dissemination system for drone mapping data.
  • Loki – This hardware allows you to add PPK direct positioning to a drone such as the Inspire 2.
  • Agisoft Metashape– software for generating point clouds and orthomosaics from drone-collected imagery.
Earth Sensor Portal Display Screen

LIDAR and Drone Mapping Data Management offerings:

  • Earth Sensor Portal (ESP)– ESP is an Amazon Web Services- hosted platform for storing and disseminating your LIDAR data, Imagery, and related products.