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Determining the Coordinate Reference System of LIDAR Data

Author: Geocue, December 1, 2015

A portion of the QA/QC process should be to determine what the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) or Spatial Reference System (SRS) is for the LIDAR data. Both horizontal and vertical CRS should be determined as part of the QA/QC process. This check should be done by the vendor prior to delivering the data, as well as the client after receiving the data. This check ensures that the data has the correct information assigned within the header of the LAS files.

This QA/QC step is best run using the statistics extraction since the vertical CRS information is no presented in the Add Files dialog. Computing statistics can be accomplished in two ways: The first is directly within the main program using LP360’s Point Cloud Statistics Extractor Task; The second option is to use LP360’s DOS Command LP360Stats.exe. Both options result in a shapefile that contains the attributes specified in the task or command.

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