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Drone Mapping Data Processing with LP360

Author: Geocue, June 26, 2018


Drones provide a very cost effective way to perform small, high accuracy mapping projects for a wide variety of applications. However, with the wrong processing tools, the data extraction phase of the workflow can consume much of the time and cost savings. Learn how LP360, our point cloud software proven by years of deployment in high throughput LIDAR data processing, can help you streamline your drone mapping projects.

We Will Cover:


  • AirGon Workflow Overview
    • Pre-flight
      • Camera Calibration
      • Base Station
      • Ground Control/ Check Points
      • DJI Ground Station Pro
    • Flight
      • DJI drone with appropriate, calibrated camera
      • “Loki” direct geopositioning system
    • Processing
      • ASPSuite* (included with Loki)
      • PhotoScan Pro*
      • LP360 (sUAS)*
    • Delivery/ Data Management
      • Reckon*

* = component of the AirGon Mapping Suite

  • LP360 sUAS- The basic tools you need to do drone mapping product generation from Dense Image Matching or LIDAR
    • Typical Products
      • Orthos
      • Baseline Surface
      • Contours
      • Profiles
      • Volumes
      • Differentials (borrow pits)
    • Mapping Workflow Steps
    • Visualization/ Demo
    • Accuracy Assessment
  • AirGon Reckon- Managing Results
  • AirGon Mapping Suite- Supports LIDAR!
    • Recommendation for Mission Planning Software
    • Agisoft Photoscan Pro (Optional upgrade to Pix4D)
    • AirGon Sensor Package ASPSuite, Standard Edition
    • LP360, sUAS licensing level
    • 6 month Level 1 Reckon Cloud hosting, delivery subscription
    • Comprehensive on-line training with monthly tech sessions
    • 1 year technical support and software updates
    • US $7,900
  • Summary
    • Loki Direct Geopositioning saves money and improves accuracy
      • Highest quality GNSS engine (Septentrio AsteRx-m2)
      • Careful attention to Mid Exposure Pules synchronization
      • Complete PPK processing software included
      • Inexpensive
    • The AirGon Mapping Suite provides an integrated software kit that is designed to work with Loki
      • Designed for high accuracy workflows producing:
        • Digital Orthos
        • Volumetrics
        • Topography
      • Field tested via hundreds of projects
      • Full Training and Support included
      • Economical
    • Reckon provides an AWS-hosted analytics result portal
    • AirGon Training and Support will help make you successful!


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