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The AirGon Drone Mapping Workflow

Author: Geocue, October 18, 2018


Join AirGon staff for a closer look into our proven drone mapping workflow. Over the course of 2,500+ successful drone mapping missions, we have perfected our workflow to achieve accurate results in a timely manner. With the addition of our Post-Processing Kinematic direct geopositioning system, Loki, we are able to alleviate the need for dense ground control and cut field time down tremendously without sacrificing accuracy. In this webinar, we will present an overview of the entire AirGon workflow from mission planning to hosting your data and the products we use to power our process.

We Will Cover:

  • Workflow Overview- Photo Systems
    • Pre-flight
      • Camera Calibration
      • Base Station
      • Ground Control/ Check Point Strategy and Placement
      • DJI Ground Station Pro Mission Planning/ Flight Management
    • Flight
      • DJI Drone with appropriate calibrated camera
      • AirGon “Loki” direct geopositioning system or Phantom 4 Pro RTK
    • Processing
      • AirGon ASPSuite (included with Loki)
      • AirGon Mapping Suite
        • PhotoScan Pro (Pix4D available as an option)
        • LP360 for sUAS
        • Reckon
  • Workflow Overview- LIDAR Systems
    • Pre-flight
      • Base Station
      • Ground Control/ Check Point Strategy and Placement
      • DJI Ground Station Pro or Litchi Mission Planning/ Flight Management
    • Flight
      • DJI M600 drone
      • UAV LIDAR System with Applanix APX Positioning & Orientation System
    • Processing
      • Applanix POSPac, UAV LIDAR System
      • TerraMatch geometric correction or contract to AirGon Services
      • LP360 for sUAS
      • Reckon
  • LP360 demonstration
    • Data from our test site
    • Data from a sand mine near Memphis, TN
  • Reckon demonstration
    • Example mine site
  • Summary
    • AirGon has extensive experience in supply, training and supporting high accuracy drone mapping solutions
    • Over 200 fielded Loki systems now in the market
    • DJI offers a low-cost alternative to purpose-built survey drones
    • High Network Accuracy is achievable with our Loki and ASPSuite technology packages
    • Buying a turnkey solution will save you a lot of time and money!
  • Q & A

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