GeoCue Announces Get3Di

GeoCue is about to make finding 3D and Imagery data a whole lot easier.  With the release of “Get3Di”, a Data as a Service portal, GeoCue has taken a unique strategy to the problem of finding good public data.  Yes, I said public data.  Free data.  Where others are trying to recover the cost of the acquisition of data, GeoCue is making it easy for our Government Agencies to repurpose their data.

The technology.  It started with a contract between GeoCue and Teledyne Brown to develop a Cloud Based data management system for data being collected from the International Space Station.  Working together with Teledyne, GeoCue developed an easy to use interface to the data storage that could scale to whatever size it needs to, handling terabytes of data.  GeoCue branded this software as Earth Sensor Portal (ESP).  Get3Di is an implementation of ESP.

The business problem.  Government agencies collectively are spending millions of dollars per year in making their data available to their internal customers and the public.  Costs for hardware, software, labor are enormous, and the core problem is still not solved.  Customers of their data would like it in the area of interest and in the format they need to continue on their workflow.  External customers need to go to multiple sites to find the latest data.

The solution.  GeoCue’s Get3Di is the solution.  Governments can now store their data in the cloud and let GeoCue categorize it, publish it and process it for the end user.  Users can quickly determine which data is best for them based on a standard set of metadata that is added to the dataset.  Best of all, the data is free.  The government already paid for this data, no reason to charge again.  The Subscription required is to only pay for storage, download and processing.   You will see how affordable it is for the convenience of a one stop shop.

Who should be interested?  Government agencies with data they want to make public.  Consumers of data that need good 3Di data to do their work.

Go to and try it yourself.


If you want to contribute to Get3Di, please contact [email protected]