GeoCue Group Announces new LIDAR Sensors Rental Program

GeoCue Group announced this past month a LIDAR Sensor Rental program. We developed this program to address the growing interest in Drone-based LIDAR. Drone-based mapping is growing most rapidly with small to medium Engineering and Survey Companies. In most cases, these companies have already deployed a Photogrammetric Drone-based system. Although photogrammetry is effective on many projects, there is still those that require LIDAR. Without this equipment in house, the company is forced to sub the work out or even worse, NO BID. GeoCue wanted to address this and is providing a way for these companies to get in the game.

How does it work? We currently have 3 levels of sensors to rent. These sensors are based on a Velodyne VLP-16, Velodyne VLP-32, and a Riegl Mini-Vux. All have an APX-15 IMU from Applanix. This article would be too long if I tried to position all three of them. Please contact our sales team ([email protected]) for a discussion on the application of all three sensors. The rental kit comes with the sensor, a laptop loaded with all the software required to create a point cloud, DJI M600 mounting kit. The customer provides the M600 Pro platform.
What does it cost? We rent the units by day. The day starts when the kit arrives on your site and ends when it arrives back at our site. Shipping is paid by the customer. We have discounted rates the longer the rental period. Please contact us for specific daily pricing.
How do I qualify for the rental? Because this is expensive gear, we want to make sure that your pilot is trained on flying LIDAR on an M600. We offer a certification program for pilots ($2,500) that will take them through a complete, hands-on process. Flying multiple missions and processing the data to a point cloud. Obviously, the pilot must be Part 107 Certified for this program.

If you would like more information on this program or want to discuss the capabilities of each of the sensors, please contact us at [email protected]