Earth Sensor Portal (ESP)

Cloud-hosted LIDAR and imagery data management and delivery

Earth Sensor Portal

The volume of geospatial data that is now being collected by organizations is staggering, and the need for sophisticated solutions for storage, cataloging and distribution is a critical problem for both data providers and data consumers.

The need for a single location for immediate access to trustworthy data is obvious in disaster response scenarios. But additionally, government institutions such as Water Management Departments, Departments of Transportation and the like have a very real need to make their current data available to other agencies, contractors and the general public. For contractors, getting approved spatial data is among the first requirement for successful infrastructure and civil projects.

What is ESP?

Earth Sensor Portal is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted (“cloud”) system designed to provide secure access to a catalog of geospatial coverage data products (i.e. LIDAR, NAIP, Landsat) for both viewing and download ordering for authorized users of registered organizations.

Earth Sensor Portal began life as the processing, cataloging and delivery solution for the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES), a Teledyne sponsored project for the processing of hyperspectral data collected by the DESIS-30 sensor on the International Space Station.

How does ESP Work?

The Earth Sensor Portal provides a spatial catalog with an intuitive query interface that supports searching for geospatial data by any combination of product type, product metadata and data location. 2D, 3D, and perspective views, a broad choice of basemaps and a Named Places gazetteer makes the Map view a powerful aid in locating data geographically.

The Earth Sensor Portal’s ordering system allows users to select and order any number of products from the Earth Sensor Portal Catalog. The ordering system tracks the processing status of the order and notifies the user when the order is ready for downloading. An order history is kept for all orders and users can view their own orders or if permitted any orders in their organization.

ESP keeps your data secure

How secure is ESP?

The Earth Sensor Portal catalog and delivery system is built on the Amazon Web Services platform, and thus inherits one of the most secure data storage systems available. In addition, control of data access is completely definable by the data owners. Data access can be restricted by user and/or organization.  Data Access can be further controlled by data owner defined polygonal boundaries or attribute values. For example, a data owner may restrict access by region, such that one organization can access data in one region but not in another.

How do I ensure ESP data quality?

Approved spatial data is one of the primary requirements for successful infrastructure and civil projects. Data Providers can integrate their Quality Control processes with the Earth Sensor Portal Catalog through the QC Analyst interface.

Users with the ‘QC Analyst’ role can perform quality analysis on data prior to exposing in the catalog.

The system is configurable to include any number of custom processes for batch and interactive quality analysis.

Approved data published to the catalog becomes immediately available to the catalog user community. Rejected data can be automatically routed to the contractor for correction.

What are the administration features of ESP?

Earth Sensor Portal is highly configurable and designed to allow the data provider to take ownership of administering their system. Each data provider can administer their own secure web portal, add and remove their own users, and control the level of data and function access of any group of users

What kind of performance can be expected from ESP?

Earth Sensor Portal is built entirely using Amazon web Services (AWS) services and SDK’s and as such leverages AWS resources to provide scalability for high volumes of storage and automatic scaling for provision of computing power based on demand. With AWS’s services, EarthSensorPortal is infinitely scalable in terms of storage and processing power. With respect to flexible storage options, it is able to make use of the life-cycle policies that can be associated to AWS’s S3 storage service to balance the cost for storage against the need for immediate access.

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