GeoCue Product Family

GeoCue Product Family

The GeoCue® product family, from GeoCue Group, comprises an integrated set of technologies for managing and monitoring geospatial production workflows. GeoCue is a platform technology, enabling end-users to extend and customize geospatial workflows.

Product Management Platform

GeoCue Client

GeoCue Client provides the standard production user’s interface to the GeoCue production management system.

GeoCue Server

GeoCue Server is the nucleus of a GeoCue production management system.

GeoCue Server – Professional

Extends GeoCue Server with support for any number of floating GeoCue Client licenses and support for GeoCue Federator.

GeoCue Server – Departmental

Extends GeoCue Server – Professional with support for GeoCue’s Command Dispatch System (CDS).

GeoCue Server – Federator

Links (federates) certain aspects of GeoCue Servers (Departmental or Professional). It is a required component for using Project Dashboard.

Product Management

GeoCue Project Administrator

Provides access to the detailed project management fields (Earned Value Management, EVM) that are automatically captured by GeoCue Client/Server.

GeoCue Project Dashboard

Provides a synoptic view of the status of multiple active projects from a web interface.

GeoCue Distributed Project
Management System (DPMS)

Facilitates tracking and reporting on the activities of disconnected production hubs.


We package our application specific workflow components into collections of executable programs and database definitions called CuePacs. When installed in a GeoCue constellation, these CuePacs provide workflow tools and components that realize specific production flows.

LIDAR 1 CuePac

Enables LIDAR processing in GeoCue by providing LIDAR processing specific functions such as:

  • Importing LIDAR source flight lines or data tiles
  • “Segmenting” LIDAR data into manageable tiles or re-segmenting existing tile layouts.
  • Reprojection of LIDAR data (horizontal and vertical) including ellipsoid to/from geoid and Mean High Water (USA)
  • Generating analysis views such as dZ orthos for relative vertical accuracy assessment
  • Z probing for absolute vertical accuracy assessment
  • Invocation of editing tools from the GeoCue Map View to control access and record production histories
  • Distributed processing of TerraScan Macros for high throughput LIDAR data classification
  • Generation of synthetic LIDAR stereo for LIDARgrammetry breakline collection (requires a stereo workstation; DAT/EM, Intergraph or BAE)
  • Many other LIDAR specific functions

Mobile Mapping System CuePac

The Mobile Mapping System (MMS) CuePac augments the LIDAR 1 CuePac, adding functions specific to mobile scanning. Features include:

  • Import of data takes from multi-sensor laser scanners (MMS’s typically has two simultaneously operating scanners)
  • Creating of Terrasolid compatible trajectories from the Applanix SBET and accuracy files
  • Import of MMS camera stations with error reporting

DEM CuePac

This module is primarily used to convert LIDAR elevation data into a format useable by orthorectification packages. Functions include:

  • Import LAS “tiles” including filtering by LAS attribute
  • Import gridded or ASCII elevation data sources
  • Reprojection of elevation data (horizontal and vertical) including ellipsoid to/from geoid
  • Merge data
  • Extract arbitrary areas
  • Define elevation output tiles
  • Generate and output elevation grids (via surface TIN interpolation), including GeoTIFF
    Generate Intergraph format DTM (version 7.0)

Raster Tools CuePac

The Raster Tools CuePac contains a number of tools that are useful in image Quality Check and image data packaging:

  • Photoshop driver for GeoCue including bi-directional annotation ability (between GeoCue and Photoshop with export to Shape)
  • Repackaging tool to allow regridding image data to different grid layouts including image reprojection.


GeoCue Software Development Kit (SDK)

The GeoCue Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the interface library to the GeoCue Repository (Server). This allows third party developers to add software tools to a GeoCue constellation that can connect to the GeoCue Server’s Application Programmer’s Interface (API). The API supports programming in any .NET compatible software development language.

Free Utilities

PointVue LE

PointVue LE is a FREE 3-D LIDAR visualization tool which can be used to visualize LIDAR data in the ASPRS LAS format.

Download copy of PointVue LE:

RasterVue LE

RasterVue LE is a FREE light weight image viewer used to display multi-band raster images and allows users to select the RGB channels of multi-band images.

Download copy of RasterVue LE: