Customer Highlight: Timmons Group's Tools for Drone Mapping Success

Published On: September 25, 2018

Timmons Group - Company Background

Timmons Group's Photogrammetry Mapping Unit (PMU) is staffed by highly qualified and experienced certified Photogrammetrists, Surveyors, GIS professionals, and technical personnel with 65 years of experience in traditional survey, aerial photography, orthoimagery, mapping, LIDAR and spatial analysis.

GeoCue Group team member, Madelyne Loftin, talked to Timmons Group's Chief Photogrammetrist, Connie Krampf, about the tools that Timmons Group uses to create an environment where they can produce superior product deliverables.

Q: Tell us about Timmons Group Photogrammetry Mapping Unit.

Timmons Group has a long history of delivering quality mapping products and is a testament to our dedication to continually strive for our client's success. Timmons Group operates fourteen offices in the Mid-Atlantic, which includes four offices in North Carolina, eight locations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one in Baltimore, Maryland, and one in Dallas, Texas. Our PMU provides service across all 50 states but focuses on our Mid-Atlantic region.

We use the latest technological advancements to ensure delivery of the highest quality products with superior accuracy in the marketplace. We have the professional and technical expertise, field equipment and hardware and software systems to deliver cost- and time-efficient mapping products.

Timmons Group offers a full spectrum of aerial mapping capabilities for land development, environmental, energy & renewables, transportation and utility infrastructure projects, including technically complex high definition laser scanning, GPS, and GIS surveying support, and sUAS Aerial Image Acquisition in addition to conventional surveying techniques.

Q: What hardware/software solutions do you use for drone mapping?

As far as hardware, we use the DJI M600 Drone equipped with the AirGon Loki GPS PPK system and a Sony A7R Camera.

We use ASPSuite for drone GPS post processing software, PIX4Dmapper Pro by PIX4D for drone photogrammetry processing, Summit Evolution Pro by DAT/EM LLC for photogrammetry mapping, and LP360 sUAS  for point cloud QC and editing.

Q: What specific features in LP360 do you use most in your workflow?

We use LP360 heavily for QC and editing point clouds that are auto-generated from drone image processing.

Q: In what ways has LP360 software increased your efficiency? 

LP360 is part of our production workflow. The software gives us tools to QC, edit and thin point clouds, which makes our mapping work more accurate and efficient.