GeoCue 2020: Year in Review

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: December 18, 2020

For our last True View Bulletin of 2020, I thought I would take this opportunity to review what has been accomplished this past year.  We have a great team here at GeoCue Group who have weathered the challenges of working in a pandemic and made some remarkable progress on our march to being THE drone precision imaging company.

Refined True View 410 3DIS

We introduced our first True View 3D Imaging System (3DIS®), the True View 410, in mid-2019.  This system has come to define the "utility-grade" fused camera/LIDAR high accuracy drone mapping system.  In 2020 we refined our system calibration process, significantly improving the overall accuracy of the True View 410.  The image below is GeoCue's new Headquarters building (under construction).  This 3D image was acquired with a True View 410 from a flying height of 75 m.  This is not your everyday aerial image, but rather a 3D colorized point cloud - every pixel is a 3D point! 

Figure 1: GeoCue's new HQ captured by True View 410

True View Reckon Automations Added

We also added a lot of automation to the way we manage the True View 410 subscription systems. The central element of a True View ecosystem is True View Reckon, our Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services system.  Nearly all elements of a True View subscription system are now automated in Reckon. 

Introduced True View 600 Series

In June of this year, we introduced the True View 600 series systems.  These are 3DIS that use the RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV survey grade laser scanner.  They are available with the Applanix APX-15 Position and Orientation System (POS) or the increased accuracy APX-20. Of course, these are 3D Imaging Sensors as well so they include dual GeoCue Mapping Cameras.  A number of top mapping companies immediately acquired this system.  We are confident this is the finest RIEGL miniVUX system on the market today.  Arkansas DOT agrees, awarding us a competitive contract for a True View 615.

True View EVO Software Additions/Updates

We have really been busy on the software side of the True View ecosystem.  We have added a number of productivity features to True View EVO post-processing software (included with every sensor).  Examples are automatic wire extraction with catenary feature creation and Image Explorer (see last week's Bulletin), a new tool that displays all of the images that "see" a 3D point. 

Adding "Predictive Analysis" to True View

We are adding "predictive analysis" algorithms to the True View Ecosystem to analyze True View sensors and notify us of potential problems.  When data from a True View sensor is postprocessed, a sensor performance log (the "Cycle" log) is pushed up to Reckon.  Inferencing software in Reckon analyzes the log and notifies GeoCue Support if anything we are monitoring moves out of the "nominal envelope."  

This approach to improving reliability looks so promising that Teledyne Technologies has awarded a contract to our Bespoke Solutions division to evaluate employing this in certain Teledyne sensors. 

Launched GeoCue Australia

On the business side of things we have been equally busy.  We formed a Joint Venture company in Australia (GeoCue Australia PTY) that is stood up and already supporting GeoCue business in the Australasia region. 

New Headquarters Location (In Progress)

In addition, we are nearing construction of a new GeoCue headquarters building that will allow us to consolidate all GeoCue operations (including test and calibration flights) in one efficient location. 


I am really looking forward to moving beyond the "pandemic" year into an exciting 2021.  We have new technology coming in all areas of the True View ecosystem.  Our overriding goal in all aspects of this business is to make you, our customer, more successful. 

Please stay safe and have a peaceful holiday season.