Letter from the President - July 2019

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: July 25, 2019

Welcome to the Q2 2019 issue of GeoCue Group News. The big news, of course, is our announcement of our own hybrid camera/LIDAR system.  At a technical exchange meeting in Nashville on June 25, we provided details of our new True View drone sensor product line.  The first sensor is the True View 410, a dual camera, LIDAR sensor.  I am super excited about this system and I think you will be as well (at least you will if you are in the market for a drone sensor!).  This system is detailed in an article in this newsletter.  The response to this has been tremendous; the system will definitely be a winner! We will be hosting a series of road show events for True View throughout the remainder of the year.  In addition, we will be hosting two workshops at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, October 28-30. The True View 410 is just the first of a series of products under the True View brand.  We are building a True View "ecosystem" that will provide complete hardware and software workflows for high accuracy drone mapping projects.  We are realizing our vision of integrating hardware, LP360 and our Reckon portal into a seamless drone mapping workflow solution.  Look for a lot more in this product area. In our last newsletter, I announced the pending release of LP360 2019.1.  We decided to delay the release for a bit to address a few lingering open issues with breakline enforced DEM export.  We are doing some final testing, you will see this release shortly. Airborne LIDAR production in North America remains strong as evidenced by the level of purchases of Terrasolid and support requests that we receive.  Terrasolid is the solution of choice for aerial and mobile projects with tools ranging from precise geometric correction (in TerraMatch) to image/LIDAR data fusion in mobile mapping projects (TerraPhoto).   We offer full sales, support and training for Terrasolid so consider refresher training on the product line.  Devoting a few days to training at your site can save your team many days via improved efficiency. We continue to make major strides in our Earth Sensor Portal (ESP) and Get3Di enterprise data management systems.  These are Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based repository and cataloging systems for imagery and LIDAR data.  Get3Di is the portal that allows patrons (users) a low-cost subscription-based portal for downloading exactly the data needed for a project.  For data stewards (those responsible for collecting and managing data), Get3Di provides a very economical way to both keep data durable and make it available to all stakeholders.   ESP is the foundation technology that we used to build custom solutions as well as Get3Di.   These are heavy duty systems that address data management at large scale.  Let us know if you have requirements in this area. As usual, we have a lot going on!  Thank you for being our customer! Till next time, Best Regards, Lewis