Letter from the President - January 2020 Edition

Published On: January 13, 2020

Welcome to our Q1, 2020 Issue of GeoCue Group News!

What GeoCue Accomplished in 2019

As always, it seems unbelievable to me that we are already in a new year - time, indeed, is a jet plane!  As I look back on 2019, I am relatively satisfied (I can never be completely satisfied, of course).  Among the forward progress:

  • We released the True View 410 3D Imaging Sensor (3DiS) in Q4 of 2019. This was a very ambitious project for us and I am extremely satisfied with the results.   The True View 410 has instantly become the industry leader in work-horse grade fused LIDAR/Imagery drone mapping
  • Our Teledyne enterprise data management system (hosted in Amazon Web Services) for the DESIS hyperspectral imager mounted on the Space Station is routinely processing gigabytes of data per day
  • We were awarded a 5-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the USDA, covering broad areas of LIDAR and drone mapping
  • We signed an agreement with Riegl, ensuring a steady supply of the new miniVUX2-UAV for 2020. We will be releasing the Riegl-based True View 615/620 in Q2
  • LP360/True View Evo has evolved into the best drone LIDAR software on the market without sacrificing our loyal ALS customer base
  • We continued to solidify our position as the leading provider of tools and technical support for airborne LIDAR systems in North America with our continuing strong support of the Terrasolid product line

We have a very full plate for 2020.  If you are not a customer, have a look at GeoCue - we really are looking pretty good!  If you are a customer, rest assured that customer support remains our top priority as we move into this exciting New Year.