Letter From The President - October 2019 Edition

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: October 21, 2019

Welcome to the Q3 2019 issue of GeoCue Group News!

GeoCue Integrated Drone LIDAR/Imagery Sensor: True View 410

Our new True View® 410 hybrid laser scanner/camera system (a true 3D Imaging Sensor, 3DIS) for drone mapping has officially been released!  Taking this sensor from the development lab to customer release has made for a very busy quarter!  We are pleased to announce a number of significant wins for the system including such organizations as the City of Miami Beach, Western Refinery Services and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  I am also pleased to announce that C. R. Kennedy, our premiere reseller for Australasia has incorporated the True View® series into their product portfolio.  Here in the United States, we intend to sell the True View® product line both direct and through a series of survey equipment-focused resellers.  On that front, we are pleased to announce that Earl Dudley LLC of Birmingham, Alabama have added the True View® products to their professional survey product line. 

True View Sensor Product Line

The True View® 410, a mid-range work horse 3DIS is just the first in the True View® product series.  By the end of this year, we will be releasing a camera-only True View® sensor.  In Q1 2020 we will be bringing the True View® 620 to market.  This upgrades our previously planned True View® 610 to include the new Riegl miniVUX-2 UAV, an upgrade of the miniVUX 1 from 100 kHz pulse repetition rate (PRR) to 200 kHz.  The Riegl sensors still have a very long lead time so if you are in the market for a True View® 620, please let us know.

True View 410 Subscription Model 

You can now engage in True View® 410 subscriptions (think rental) for periods as short as 1 month.  Please see the article in this newsletter that provides details of the subscription plan. 

LP360 2019.1 Release

Since our last newsletter, we have released LP360 2019.1.  This release adds some very useful tools to both conventional and drone LIDAR workflows.  The details of the release can be found in our Q1-2019 newsletter.  Of course, time stops for no one so we find ourselves looking at the 2019.2 release, planned for late Q4.  This version will be the first official release of the True View workflow tools. 

GeoCue & Terrasolid Maintenance Renewal Reminder

It is maintenance renewal time once again for GeoCue Workflow and Terrasolid products.  We have been sending out the renewal notices.  Of course, Terrasolid is the solution of choice for aerial and mobile LIDAR projects with tools ranging from precise geometric correction (in TerraMatch) to image/LIDAR data fusion in mobile mapping projects (TerraPhoto).   Terrasolid makes new releases on a periodic basis (usually monthly) with each release improving productivity.  Increased productivity directly translates into increased efficiencies (which means increased profitability for commercial users) so make sure you keep your maintenance up to date.    

Earth Sensor Portal Project Updates

On the Enterprise Data Management front, our implementation of Earth Sensor Portal (a Amazon Web Services hosted set of enterprise data management technology) for the Teledyne Technologies MUSES project is in full production operation. GeoCue took on this very high risk development project for Teledyne several years ago when placing a hyper-spectral imager on the International Space Station was just a set of plans.  Now Teledyne has an operational camera that is collecting gigabytes of hyper-spectral earth imaging data on a daily basis.  Here at GeoCue we are very proud of the fact that we brought the data processing and management piece of this complex system into commercial operation on schedule and budget.

As usual, we have a lot going on!  I will be recapping our year in the next newsletter so stay tuned!

Best Regards,