LIDAR Magazine: Analyze This!

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: January 26, 2019

Originally published by LIDAR Magazine
January 26, 2019

Our company, GeoCue Group, has been doing a lot of work these past two years in the areas of data processing and management running in Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is a game you play with AWS (and other "cloud" vendors) to try to reduce the cost of using the service. It is an interesting fact that cloud architectures represent a compromise between designs optimized for the host architecture/use cases (the science bit) and the goal of minimizing system rental costs (the business bit).

At any rate, this analysis of our deployments in AWS made me start thinking about the term "data fusion." We toss this round a lot; in fact, I think one of my previous Random Points random ramblings was on this very subject. Recently, I have come to appreciate a subtle distinction between data fusion and what I will call "analytic fusion". This distinction matters a lot when you are paying a cost (dollars or time) for moving data.

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