Message from the President: August 2018

Published On: September 05, 2018

Welcome to the August 2018 edition of our GeoCue Group Newsletter. Global warming is inverted in North Alabama; we are experiencing a few days of below average temperatures. For those of you who have visited Huntsville in August, you know some August temperature relief is greatly appreciated!

A reminder that we are repeating our High Accuracy Drone Mapping seminar at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas in October. This will be a very worthwhile workshop if you are doing any sort of high accuracy drone mapping. We will have Andrew Carey, director of drone technology at Rio Tinto, providing an overview of how they use drones in a variety of mine site mapping applications. We will also have Christian Stallings from McKim and Creed providing an overview of using drone imagery that was directly geopositioned by Loki in a stereo photogrammetric workflow. We will also be providing a bit of an overview of our experience to date using drone-based LIDAR.  In addition to all this great information, you'll also get a nice lunch included in the seminar fee!

Speaking of LIDAR, a few weeks ago I asked Darrick Wagg, our Customer Support Manager, to give me a refresher on Terrasolid's TerraMatch LIDAR geometric correction software. Going through this demonstration reminded me of what a bargain TerraMatch truly is. Using the tie lines method of synthesizing match points between strips, we made short work of improving the local and network accuracy of a LIDAR project. The tie lines algorithm is essentially equivalent to automatic point matching (APM) in photogrammetry. It is the way to efficiently correct geometry in LIDAR projects. It should definitely be on the World LIDAR Organization's list of Essential Tools.

We had a terrific response to our recent webinar showcasing the new breakline tools in LP360. We have finished up adding these tools as well as some nice additions to visualization in upcoming LP360 2018.2 software release. We will enter a period of 6 weeks or so of testing and then issue the release. We'll have an article on new features in the next issue of the newsletter.

Earth Sensor Portal (ESP), the commercial spinout of a very large data management program we are engaged in with Teledyne Technologies, has become an extremely powerful set of cloud-hosted (Amazon Web Services) tools for managing very large repositories of elevation and raster data. We will be making some exciting announcements in this area of our business in a few months so stay tuned!

As always, if you are one of our customers, we sincerely appreciate your business.  If you are not, please consider us for LIDAR, Drone Mapping and Enterprise Data Management!