Message from the President: February 2018

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: February 26, 2018

It has been a busy year so far for us (as if some years aren't!). We have implemented an entirely new licensing scheme in LP360. We are releasing this in stages to ensure that the transition to this new licensing is smooth. This release (2018.1) is out to a number of initial multi-copy customers for stress testing. We anticipate a customer-wide release in March.

With LP360 2018.1 in the queue for release, we have already started on LP360 2018.2. We have (as always) a long list of new features. One area of focus in this current cycle is improving performance of our Point Cloud Task (PCT) subsystem. This work involved not only improving our multithreading but also implementing some algorithms in CUDA, the programming environment for Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPU). This will allow users who have an Nvidia GPU (probably 90% of workstations and laptops these days) to take advantage of the GPU for data processing. Of course, LP360 has always used the GPU for graphics rendering.

We continue aggressively adding useful capabilities to our Amazon Web Services based Earth Sensor Portal (ESP). We stood up an instance of ESP to provide free LIDAR data to hurricane impact areas last year - a service that provided immediate QL-2 LIDAR data to requesting users. ESP is an excellent solution for those seeking a cloud-hosted service for data (e.g. LIDAR, imagery, abstract bag) management and delivery.

Please remember that Terrasolid annual maintenance renews at the end of each calendar year so 2018 maintenance was due in December. Please make sure you renew, as the license grace period expires next month. Terrasolid development is extremely active so you are definitely getting exceptional value for your maintenance dollars.

I wish all of you a very productive spring season!