Message from the President: July 2018

Published On: July 25, 2018


Welcome to the July edition of the GeoCue Group Newsletter! I hope you folks in the USA had a great fourth of July. I worked from my cabin on Wheeler Lake (part of the Tennessee River) during the week, enjoying a nice view and the occasional playing on the water. Oh, well, back to the office!

As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, we have been steadily moving the extensive breakline capability of LP360 for ArcGIS to LP360 (the standalone 64-bit Windows version of LP360). In addition to breakline addition, we have all the great breakline enforcement tools in LP360 as well. Since all purchasers of LP360 receive a license to both versions, I thought it would be worthwhile to update the LP360 for ArcGIS breaklines article from 2013 (wow, five years ago??!!) to reflect the features in LP360. This will be a roughly 5-part series with the introduction in this newsletter. I think you will agree that this new toolset, along with the LP360 3D Feature Edit tools, makes for the most powerful 3D GIS breakline tools available anywhere.

Speaking of drone mapping, please remember that cameras being used for photogrammetry must be periodically calibrated. If you are using dense ground control points, you can get away with in situ calibration (e.g. using self-calibration). Recall from previous articles that in situ calibration does not really represent the true internal calibration parameters of the camera because of high correlation with non-related parameters. For example, focal length and flying height are directly correlated. This means that if you are doing direct geopositioning without ground control (for example, using an AirGon Loki system), you need to occasionally send your camera (or complete drone if you are using a Phantom 4 Pro) to us for a true laboratory recalibration.

LP360 (standalone) and Terrasolid make an awesome pairing for LIDAR production work. If you are a Terrasolid user, consider augmenting with a few seats of LP360. The interactive edit tools are very efficient and, of course, if you must add breaklines, LP360 is the tool of choice!

We are repeating our DJI Mapping workshop at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas in October. This will be a very worthwhile workshop if you are doing any sort of high-accuracy drone mapping. We will have the director of drone technology from Rio Tinto providing an overview of how they use drones in a variety of mine-site mapping applications. We will also have a guest speaker from McKim and Creed providing an overview of using drone imagery that was directly geopositioned by Loki in a stereo photogrammetric workflow. Finally, we will be adding LIDAR to the workshop. If you are considering adding a LIDAR system to your drone mapping tool portfolio, this workshop will give you a very strong decision-making framework on what sensor to buy and when it can be used to your advantage.

Thank you for being a customer and, if you are not, for keeping up with GeoCue/AirGon. I hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Best Regards,