Message from the President: March 2018

Published On: March 25, 2018


Welcome to the March issue of GeoCue Group News.

All of our LP360 customers should now have instructions on upgrading to version 2018.1. I encourage you to upgrade since there are some very nice new features in 2018.1 as well as the new licensing system that allows license roaming. If you are engaged in any aspect of LIDAR or point cloud quality checking, you will definitely want to investigate the new LAS File Analyst tools. At the Basic level of LP360, you can perform full diagnostic inspections of LAS files. At the Standard level of LP360, you can repair many of the common problems found in LAS data. Note also that the new release now supports LAZ compression at the project level.

Our Loki direct geopositioning system for DJI (and other) drones has proven to be immensely popular. C. R. Kennedy, our new distribution and support partner in Australia, has hit the ground running with over two dozen systems already in the pipeline. If you are doing drone flights and not using Loki, you should check it out; you will save a lot of time and improve project results.

We are getting ready to start a new cycle of improvements to Reckon, our Amazon Web Services-hosted data portal for drone mapping. Look for integration with ASPSuite (our Loki post-processing software suite) and new visualization tools. When managing multiple sites (such as mine sites), Reckon provides a pain free way to distribute results.

Note that Terrasolid V017 licenses expire at the end of March. All Terrasolid licenses for customers who have renewed annual support contracts have been distributed. If you still have not renewed, please get your renewal in by the end of the month so that you do not lose functionality. Even though there are now a number of choices for production shops who process LIDAR data, Terrasolid is the standard by which all other tools are judged. It is definitely a need rather than a want!

As always, please be sure that we very much appreciate the trust that you place in our company. If you have needs that are not being met, just let us know.