Message from the President: November 2017

Published On: November 13, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice fall (or spring for those of you on the top side of the planet!).

We have been extremely busy during this last quarter of 2017. Our "Mapping with DJI Drones" seminar held in conjunction with the Commercial UAV Expo sold out months before it was held. We provided detailed workflow information from our Loki Direct Geopositioning System for DJI (and other) drones through the AirGon Mapping Suite. Those who attended provided us with a lot of positive feedback. We'll repeat this as webinars and local events during 2017. Just last week DroneDeploy ( announced their selection of our Loki system for direct geopositioning in DroneDeploy cloud processing workflows. We have been working with them for the past several months to ensure a smooth user experience.

We added Puerto Rico to our hurricane LIDAR data support site, You can download LIDAR data of Puerto Rico, Harris County TX (Houston) or Florida to your Amazon buckets (we tell you how to set these up) at no charge. We are funding this as our contribution to hurricane relief efforts.

We are wrapping up our new licensing for LP360. This will provide customers who have floating licenses a new feature that will allow these licenses to be checked out to a laptop for roaming. This is our most often requested licensing feature. The new licensing is provided via a cloud-hosted server so you will no longer need to maintain a local license server. We'll write a detailed article for this when we release LP360 2017.2.