Message from the President: April 2019

Published On: April 18, 2019

Welcome to the Q1 2019 issue of GeoCue Group News.  As you may have noticed, we decided to drop back to a quarterly release of the newsletter.  We like to say we are trying to prevent reader fatigue but I think the true reason is we have been too busy making products!

In our last newsletter (December 2018), we presented new features in LP360 2018.2.  We are already releasing LP360 2019.1 - please see our article on new features in this release.  We did this to clear the decks in preparation for adding some exciting new drone LIDAR mapping features.  We'll announce those later this year.  We are planning a new features webinar within the next month; we'll send out an announcement. 

Speaking of LIDAR Systems, we are now renting drone LIDAR systems for periods as short as one day.  We held our first qualification training in March at our Huntsville office.  We had great attendance and graduated our first group of qualified renters.  We have systems that range from the utilitarian Velodyne VLP-16 all the way up to the premier mapping system, the Riegl miniVUX.  We will be happy to discuss your needs and make sure you select the most suitable system for a specific type of job.  Renting a drone LDIAR system is a very low risk way for you to assess the viability of this technology for your business strategy.

We continuously monitor the state of LIDAR processing tools for high throughput production of both mobile and airborne laser scanning systems.  Without a doubt, Terrasolid remains the quintessential core tool set in every professional production shop's toolbox.  In fact, if you are planning to contract out production work, first assess your contractor's experience with Terrasolid.   Terrasolid updates their software on a continuous basis (every six weeks or so).  If you have current maintenance, you are receiving our Customer Advisory Bulletins announcing each new release.  If you are not using Terrasolid, give us a call and we can discuss if it will meet your specific requirements. 

We are rolling out Get3Di, our new cloud-based tools for obtaining USA-wide high-quality public LIDAR data (as well as NAIP and Landsat).  Get3Di is going live within the next 30 days.  This is an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based repository and cataloging system that allows patrons (users) a low-cost subscription-based portal for downloading exactly the data needed for a project.  For data stewards (those responsible for collecting and managing data), Get3Di provides a very economical way to both keep data durable and make it available to all stakeholders.  I am very excited about Get3Di; you will be hearing a lot more about this new service. 

As you can see from this little preview, we have a lot of stuff going on this year!  If you are a customer, thank you very much.  If, on the other hand, you are exploring solutions and looking for a partner who will become invested in your success, please get in touch with us.

Till next time,

Best Regards,