Message from the President: October 2018

Author: Lewis Graham
Published On: October 29, 2018

 Well, I find it hard to believe we are already in October but here we are!

We just returned from Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas (with a very nice side trip to Zion National Park prior to the show). This is the third year for the conference, and we have attended since the inaugural event. This show has become for drone mapping what the International LIDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) is for airborne and mobile LIDAR; a must-attend event to see what is new in these disciplines. We held our fourth drone mapping workshop and once again filled up with over 80 attendees. This was a great forum for presenting new ideas in maximizing accuracy with inexpensive drones. This year we were able to add drone-based LIDAR to the seminar, filling out the full gamut of drone mapping technologies. We had a booth on the showroom floor and were constantly busy for the duration of the exhibit hours. When we first started exhibiting at drone mapping conferences, many of the attendees were asking questions about the viability of drone mapping. Now most folks have already taken the plunge and are looking to improve workflows and expand their technical offerings. This business is accelerating!

This past Friday we went into code freeze for LP360 2018.2. We will now have a month or so of software testing and bug fixing. Our standalone implementation of LP360 (a 64-bit native Windows application) has now become our power-user version with most new high-performance features being added to this version. Of course, we still bundle a license of the LP360 ArcMap extension with each purchase, so it is the go-to product for high performance LIDAR exploitation in ArcMap as well as native Windows. We have added some very nice visualization features to this release. I will be describing some of our new capabilities in next month's newsletter. If your LP360 maintenance is current, you will be eligible for this exciting new release.

LIDAR continues to dominate the airborne remote sensing market. As discussed last month, the USGS 3DEP program is really ticking along with a lot of data being processed. We have been constantly busy with Terrasolid training the past several months. As we move in to the (slightly) slower winter season, you might consider scheduling a Terrasolid workflow and training tune-up.

Finally, we continue to make great progress with our Earth Sensor Portal (ESP) technology. Our anchor project is the data management, processing and delivery system we are developing for Teledyne for their Space Station-based hyperspectral sensor. In parallel, we are adding a robust set of generalized data delivery functions. We should be making a few announcements in this area at the ILMF in January 2019 so stay tuned!

As always, thank you for continuing to place your trust in our company!