TerraScan 3D Vector Models

Published On: January 15, 2020


Creating 3D City Models with Terrasolid Toolsets

TerraScan and TerraPhoto have long had tools for creating 3D vector models from LIDAR, as well as nadir and oblique imagery. Terrasolid has continuously added to the toolset to make the process more efficient and expand the capabilities. The addition of automatic building and other above ground feature classification, along with automatic building vectorization and quality control workflows have made traditional airborne laser scanning useful for creating 3D city models for creating and updating city databases, including comparisons to existing city footprint information.

Terrasolid 3D City Modeler In Microstation

Many clients have told us these models have also been invaluable for visualizations which are used to conveying concepts and information derived from LIDAR data to non-technical decision makers and cheque signers.

Mobile and terrestrial laser scanning can be combined with traditional airborne laser scanning to generate highly detailed models for these databases and visualizations.

Unmanned aerial LIDAR systems, such as GeoCue's True View 410, provide a means to update these databases when a new building is constructed or modified, create small area models, visualizations for small sites, such as new subdivisions, and many more.