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Meet GeoCue Australia’s Director, Mark Hickey

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Mark Hickey

General Manager & Director – GeoCue Australia

Always one to jump in, my working life has involved operating in many different locations and within many different roles, all of them have been enjoyable for a variety of reasons and these roles have also involved meeting and working with lots of amazing people. I have had extensive dealings and travel throughout the APC region and the world due to these roles which has been very enjoyable and rewarding.

I started my career with some years working in the land surveying industry, followed by a Business Degree, quite some years in sales, product management and General Management, all of which have been within the land surveying, civil infrastructure, mining and forestry industries. Over the last 5 years this has involved specific work within the UAV sector working with various popular systems which have included LIDAR and Photogrammetry and the related hardware and software. This has been a very interesting and rewarding time.

This has now culminated in my involvement and local management of GeoCue Australia, this is a great opportunity and we couldn’t be more excited to work with Lewis and the team to get out there and meet the needs of our existing customer base and local contacts.

We certainly aim to bring GeoCue’s fantastic product range to the Australian market in a big way and to create some long and enduring success. 

Read the full press release on this joint venture below.


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