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GeoCue Australia: April 2021 Update

Hello Everyone, just a quick recap to let you know what GeoCue Australia has been up to down under for the last quarter, things have been very busy.

True View 515 Arrival

First and foremost, we very much look forward to the arrival of our new True View 515. We will be focusing on conducting demonstrations and marketing the latest True View wherever we can. We see that collecting local data to will further highlight the amazing potential of the True View 515 3DIS system.

True View 410 Subscriptions 

Over the last quarter we have been keeping our fleet of Subscription True View 3DIS 410LIDAR systems busy with customer rentals. This is very exciting to see. Many of these have involved a DJI drone and often our CHC Navigation GNSS equipment. For rentals involving a DJI Drone, we also insist on the mandatory use of Drone Logbook – this records all drone use which eases our Casa based reporting responsibilities. 

CASA Reoc Testing Completed

GeoCue Australia has just finished our Casa Reoc testingand will hopefully receive official notice shortly from CASA. This will involve Mark Hickey, GM and Director, as the Chief Pilot and Brad Hickey, Service Manager, as the maintenance controller. We have been preparing for this for some time and are relieved to have this behind us.

Upcoming Events

We in the middle of a busy period for Eventsin Australia just now. We were recently involved in the Locate21 event in Brisbane, this is an important annual event for the land surveying community. We have also just commenced a road show throughout South Australia which will also include an event in Adelaide on the 27/4. We will attend AIMS (body for Mining surveyors) Mudgee, Moranbah and Gold Coast events this quarter and also involve ourselves further with anything that the Sssi (body for Cadastral surveyors) has happening.

Introducing “McBathy” RC Platform

We have introduced our new ‘McBathy’ RC platform to the market here in the last weeks, this is our new RC platform offering Bathymetry as well as various other benefits. This can be seen in part on our website and social media. We will fully launch the system in the coming weeks, this will be exciting as McBathy offers some unique features and benefits.

  GeoCue Mcbathy RC

McBathy RC PLatform

True View EVO Lite

We are also about to launch an offer aimed at local GeoCue LOKI existing customers involving True View EVO Lite. This offers great benefit for use with the various DJI drones and among other benefits allows a PPK post process, reducing the reliance on RTK alone for a solution. Appreciating the loyalty of existing GeoCue customers, we have a special offer for them which will no doubt be of interest.

We continue to do our best to speak with and meet with potential customers from all related back grounds and remain as passionate as ever regarding the UAV industry in general. 

We hope that COVID isn’t impacting you too badly and we look forward to any opportunities to come face to face with you in the future.

For more information with one of our sales managers.