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Letter from the President – April Edition 2021

Welcome to the Q2 2021 Issue of GeoCue Group News!

Hello and welcome to the second quarter, 2021 GeoCue Group News!  Probably the most exciting thing that has occurred in Q1 is over 50% of our staff being at least half way through the COVID vaccination cycle. In the Q1 newsletter, I speculated that we would be back to in-person meetings by June. We are right on schedule for this and plan to relaunch our monthly in-person True View training in June.  This training will be occurring at our new GeoCue “campus” in Triana, Alabama.

Terrasolid v021 Released

In spite of the limitations of the pandemic, Q1 was very productive for us.  The new 2021 release of Terrasolid has been rolled out to the customer base.  There is a lot of excitement about the flexibility offered by the built-in Spatix foundation, allowing Terrasolid tools to run in a “CAD-less” mode. 

DJI’s new Zenmuse P1 Camera

We have added support for DJI’s new Zenmuse P1 camera to True View EVO Lite.  This allows full PPK post-processing using the base station of your choice.  We have done a lot of testing of the P1 and will be releasing a report in the next month or so.  Drop us a request if you would like a copy.

New Version Release of LP360/True View EVO

We will be releasing a new version of LP360/True View EVO, probably in late Q2 (If I ever pause adding features!).  There will be a number of exciting new tools added as well as tighter integration with True View Reckon. 

True View 3DIS New Additions

We have really been busy this past quarter on the True View hardware front.  We upgraded our RIEGL-based offerings to the new RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV and released a brand new mid-range sensor, the True View 515.  More information is provided in the True View section of the newsletter.

Note that we now have two 3D Imaging Systems (fused laser scanner, dual camera systems) available under a subscription model with obligation periods as short as one month.  The subscription model provides an extremely low risk way to dip your toe in the water of drone LIDAR mapping.  But these are not just laser scanners.  With the co-calibrated dual cameras, we are the only company offering true 3D colorized point clouds.  This gives you the opportunity to offer a very high value data set to your customers. 

Customer Growth

I was recently putting together a marketing slide showing logos of an exemplar list of our True View 3D Imaging System (3DIS®) customers.  I was surprised at how large this list is growing!  We have added three departments of transportation (DOTs) to our customer list in just the past few months.  This customer base is recognizing that the True View 3DIS, along with surveying applications, can be used as a rapid response sensor, providing a high accuracy, colorized point cloud within minutes of landing. 

New Tools in LIDAR Server & ESP

Our Enterprise Data Management group continues to add effective new tools to our LIDAR management framework (LIDAR Server) and our Earth Sensor Portal hyperspectral processing framework.  We have some very solid on-premise and cloud-hosted foundation technology that can be tailored to specific use-cases.  If you have a unique data processing and dissemination problem, have a conversation with us.  We might be able to work with you to develop an effective solution.

One of the most critical elements of teaming with a vendor is the level and quality of post-deployment support you receive.  Through every innovation push we make, we fully involve our support team.  We continually ask ourselves and you what we need to do to ensure reliability and supportability is “baked in.”

GeoCue Headquarters is Moving!

During the entirety of the pandemic, we have been constructing a new 15,000 ft2 building on a 7 acre “campus” about 8 miles south of our current office location.  This new facility will allow us to step out the door and fly.  In addition, it is a hybrid building that provides 5,000 ft2 of manufacturing and R&D space.  One of the most exciting things to me is our new training room.  We will be able to accommodate about 30 students in this new facility.  While I realize that you do not purchase buildings from us, this new facility will enable us to provide a much better training and systems integration experience. 

As always, we very much appreciate those of you who are our customers.  Rest assured that we are working hard every day to keep you productive and satisfied! 

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