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Letter from the President – October Edition 2020

Welcome to the Q4 2020 Issue of GeoCue Group News!

GeoCue COVID Update

Well, here we are entering the final quarter of 2020 with no relief from COVID in sight.  In fact, as I write this, our U. S. president is in hospital with the virus and several senators have tested positive.  Obviously, there is no miracle preventive on the short-term horizon.  However, we all have to eat and pay the rent so work goes on.  I think GeoCue has done fairly well to adapt to these challenging times, but some operations are certainly suboptimal.  I would say the biggest impact to us is our restricted ability to do in-person training. 

GeoCue’s Expansion to Australia

In spite of the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, our business continues to move forward with exciting new developments.  A big announcement we made last week was our decision to enter into a joint venture partnership to create GeoCue Australia.  Majority owned by GeoCue Group Inc., this new joint venture subsidiary will provide regional sales, consulting and support to the Australasia region. 

True View Updates

I think a lot of folks are now reaching a sustainable model of working in a pandemic climate.  We have seen a steady rise in sales of our True View sensor product line, especially our new RIEGL-based True View 615/620 products.  We also just received a trademark on 3DIS®, our 3D Imaging Sensor concept embraced by the high end of the True View series (410/615/620 sensors).  Getting from flight to high accuracy colorized point cloud in minutes is a huge improvement in mapping return on investment. 

Our earthen dam data collection research is coming along quite nicely.  We have now produced a number of data sets that combine True View 3DIS data with soundings collected from our remote control sonar boat.  In partnership with the USDA we are developing a set of best practices for collecting and processing these fused data sets.  Look for some new data merging functionality in this area within LP360/True View EVO in our upcoming releases. 

LP360/EVO Additions

Speaking of LP360/EVO, we are finally adding wire extraction tools to the software!  Our initial set of capabilities will be released in LP360/EVO version 2020.2.  I think those of you who perform work in this area will be pleased with the initial capabilities. 

Terrasolid Update

There has been a high level interest in the new option for Terrasolid tools that allow them to run on the bundled platform Spatix rather than MicroStation.  This foundation for Terrasolid is rapidly maturing, providing a quicker learning curve for those new to point cloud processing in a CAD environment.  Of course, removing the “CAD tax” is also a nice benefit (Spatix is included in the price of the Terrasolid tools).  Customers with current maintenance have received this update.

Final Word

I know we are all extremely fatigued by life in a pandemic.  I have always said this is a marathon, not a sprint, but the marathon seems to be all uphill right now!  I suggest you take this opportunity to assess your business and prepare for an emergence in Q1 of 2021.  I am extremely optimistic.  I think the companies who are ready to hit the ground with new business lines (think drone 3DIS mapping!) will have problems with indigestion, not starvation! 

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