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GeoCue Welcomes Itaipu as its Newest TrueView 640 LiDAR Mapping User

Huntsville, AL – GeoCue announced today that Itaipu Binacional, one of the world’s largest energy producers, will begin using TrueView 640 to enable access to areas where traditional terrestrial units cannot penetrate. Focused on the production of clean and renewable energy, they will also use the sensor specifically for monitoring the quality and conditions of their dense forests.

With the single ray active imaging of LiDAR combined with color bands from camera imaging, Itaipu can capture LiDAR and photogrammetry data for true 3D imaging in a single flight.


“Keeping up with forest growth following reforestation and watching for damage from forest fires is critical for us,” said Joao Paulo Bueno De Prado, Itaipu Studies Division Manager. “With TrueView 640, collecting and analyzing this data which would normally take months “” can be done quickly and more affordably.”

“Not only are we thrilled to welcome Itaipu as a valued customer, we are eager to be part of their mission of conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecosystem services,” said Vlade Lisboa, Regional Business Development Manager at GeoCue.

The TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors integrate an Applanix APX Position and Orientation System, dual GeoCue mapping cameras and a full range of entry to advanced level laser scanners to find the right drone mapping solution for your project.

Itaipu required survey-grade data, which is why they selected the TrueView 640, GeoCue’s second generation RIEGL integration built with the miniVUX-3UAV and dual mapping cameras for high accuracy mapping with excellent vegetation penetration and wire detection in a lightweight payload package.

Now the TrueView 645/650 are available from GeoCue and include a Riegl mini VUX3-UAV and dual mapping cameras. This system delivers colorized LiDAR deliverables with accuracy better than 3cm RMSE for the TrueView 645 and better than 2cm for the TrueView 650. And because they are lighter and more compact than previous models, they can be used with more types of drones.

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With its TrueView drone LiDAR/Imaging sensors and EVO/LP360 point cloud data processing software, GeoCue is the leader in LiDAR mapping processing in North America.

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About Itaipu Binacional

Located at the border between Brazil and Paraguay, Itaipu Binacional is the world’s largest plant in power generation “” with more than 2.6 billion MWh produced since 1984. At 14,000 megawatts of installed capacity, Itaipu holds the world record of annual energy production: 103.1 million MWh in 2016. It is responsible for 15% of the Brazilian market and 90% of the Paraguayan.

Itaipu implements projects in the areas of conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecosystem services and local cultures, providing a strong example of joint efforts between two countries working together to achieve sustainable development and leadership on climate action.

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