How Can You Start the New Year with Drone LiDAR

If your resolution is to add drone LiDAR to your workflow, then take advantage of these special offers.

If you’re ready to start the new year by adding fully integrated drone surveying equipment to your toolbox, then take advantage of our 2023 New Year’s Higher Resolution from GeoCue.  Buy the TrueView 655 for only $154,000 USD (Original price $174,000 USD) or choose the TrueView 660 for only $189,000 USD (Original price $209,000)

TrueView New Years Special Offer


TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors include powerful LIDAR + dual camera sensor integrations to give users the ability to collect drone LIDAR and photogrammetry in a single flight. TrueView 3DIS can be mounted on just about any rotary drone platform.

This New Year’s Higher Resolution Special Price is valid for any order sent before February 28, 2023. 

A Fully Integrated ReSolution

Our sister company, Microdrones, is also offering a great New Year’s Higher Resolution Special Price. Purchase an mdLiDAR1000HR (Traditional Sale) for the low price of $60,000 USD (a $75,000 USD Value.)

Microdrones New Years Special Offer

Kick-off your New Year with 20% in savings! The mdLiDAR1000HR Traditional includes:

  • md4-1000 platform Version D
  • mdLiDAR1000HR payload
  • Perpetual LP360 Drone Processing Software with Strip Align & Photo Options Included
  • mdCockpit
  • One Battery

Don’t wait for these offers to expire. Schedule a meeting with one of our friendly representatives to see how you can take advantage of these New Year’s Higher Resolution Special Prices!

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