LiDAR Webinars

Special Topics in LP360: QA/QC

Don’t experience the disappointment of working with poor quality data. No matter what your data sources are, it is vital to perform a quality check. Join us for a session as we demonstrate how LP360 can improve your data processing experience and the value of your end products.

This webinar provides a demo in LP360 of the following QA/QC tools available in LP360:

  • Point Cloud Tasks
    • Point Cloud Statistics- a tasks that gives you a quantitative look at your data
  • Visual QA/QC Checks
    • Point Density
      • Export Wizard- tool in LP360 that can be used to generate a density rafter
    • DZ View- provides a display by elevation difference in order to help you see how well your sensor is calibrated
  • Analyze the Accuracy of Data Sets
    • You can navigate through each of your control points to visually check their accuracy.
    • Control Report- runs an analysis of the accuracy between a control point and your data which can then be exported to a spreadsheet
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