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Mobile Mapping or Drone LiDAR? Why Not Both.

Hear what Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, CEO of mdGroup, has to say about the new Dual Purpose Mobile Mapping and Drone LiDAR system from GeoCue.

This year’s Commercial UAV Expo in 2023 was busy with activity, and the GeoCue booth enjoyed a prime spot right by the main entrance. This strategic placement made it the ideal setting to unveil our all-new dual-purpose mobile mapping and drone LiDAR system, known as the TrueView 680/680LR. You are no longer limited to single-purpose systems, as we unveil this new solution designed for both Dual Purpose Mobile Mapping and Drone LiDAR surveying.

In the video below, Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, CEO of mdGroup, discusses the new GeoCue Dual Purpose Drone LiDAR and Mobile Mapping System from the GeoCue booth at the Commercial UAV Expo.

GeoCue recognizes that different projects demand different LiDAR solutions. Sometimes, you need the agility of a drone-mounted LiDAR system, while other situations call for the precision of a mobile mapping LiDAR system. And then, some projects benefit from a combination of both perspectives. With TrueView 680/680LR, you only need one sensor to excel in a wide range of projects.

Our system offers flexibility in the field with an optional mobile vehicle mount. Encountering no-fly zones or needing greater detail? Switch to mobile mapping. Or harness the power of both drone and mobile LiDAR modes for a comprehensive perspective.

The TrueView 680 is built on the robust Riegl VUX-1UAV platform, while the 680LR integrates the cutting-edge Riegl VUX-1LR. Furthermore, both payloads are NDAA-compliant.

Moreover, this system offers a seamless transition from drone to ground operations. You can easily install the payload on a vehicle to continue your project from the ground. It extends the use cases for the same payload seamlessly, offering consistent performance for your projects. Plus, data processing is made easy with LP360, GeoCue’s point cloud processing software. Whether you’re working on drone applications or mobile mapping, LP360 ensures you can extract the maximum value from your collected data. This includes ground classification, contour generation, and more.

With GeoCue, you not only get cutting-edge technology but also access to LP360’s point cloud processing software. This comprehensive package equips you to process data and perform tasks like ground classification and contour generation, unleashing the full potential of your LiDAR data.

The TrueView 680/680LR from GeoCue offers the ultimate flexibility and performance for your mapping and surveying needs. It’s a product designed to empower you to capture, analyze, and understand your data from up in the air or driving down the road.

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