LiDAR Webinars

Overview of Breaklines in LP360


This webinar will be a general overview of the breakline capabilities within LP360. These tools include a wide array of feature vectorization tools such as those needed for hydro enforced DTMs, asset collection, or rail feature extraction. LP360 offers a diverse feature set at an affordable price.

We Will Cover:

  • Overview of Aerial LIDAR Workflow
  • What Are Breaklines?
    • Breaklines are geometry (points, polylines, polygons) added to an elevation model to modify the surface. They are model constraints.
  • Why Model Constraints?
    • Still water bodies should be flat
    • Water should flow down hill
    • Islands should be demarcated from surrounding water body
    • Road/bridge edges should be polylines
    • Retaining walls should show sharp vertical faces
    • Water should be at the same level on opposite drain edges
    • Road crown should be the high point in the road cross section
    • Building footprints should be regular geometric shapes
    • Stockpiles should be delineated from surrounding ground
  • Point Cloud
    • Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)
    • Shaded TIN Model
    • GIS TINs are 2D
    • Digital Elevation Model
    • Model Constraints/ Breaklines- to modify the model, we need to modify the TIN. The surface is modified by adding nodes, edges, and exclusion constraints. These are called breaklines.
  • Breakline Creation/ Edit Tools
    • Generally called “conflation” tools in LP360:
      • Point from surface
      • Polyline from surface
      • Polygon from surface
    • Interactive: comprehensice editing tools that allow you to automatically derive elevation values from the underlying point cloud data as you digitize or edit features
    • Batch: Point Cloud Tasks (PCT) that apply various Z conflation rules to feature sets in an automated workflow
    • Variable Z from points/surface
    • Flattening
    • Downstream Constraint
    • Retaining Wall
    • Double Line Drain (“River Flattening”)
    • Automatic “Toe” Creation
    • “Out” Areas
  • Checking Breaklines
    • Wireframe Model
    • Feature Analyst
    • Locate issues at the vertex level
  • LP360 improves your Return On Investment on projects that require breaklines!
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