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Terrasolid Releases v021

For those of you familiar with the Terrasolid products over the years you’ll know that Terrasolid releases a major version each year. This major version is not like typical software releases in that it doesn’t contain a major number of new features, changes to functionality, etc. Instead, Terrasolid release the major version to correspond with the typical maintenance period, which runs the calendar year. For most users, the v020 maintenance and support ended back on Dec 31, 2020. Those that have renewed maintenance for 2021 can expect Terrasolid to start issuing v021 licenses in the next couple weeks. The distribution of which will take some time to get to all users, though should be completed by mid-February allowing users to transition to the v021 licenses before the expiration of your current v020 licenses on 31Mar2021. The extended licenses are provided for this purpose of continuity during the transition.

Need to Renew Maintenance?

If you have not yet renewed maintenance for 2021, please do so right away by contacting Terri Lewis, [email protected], to keep up-to-date with the latest releases. For those that renewed we greatly appreciate your patronage and look forward to bringing you more improvements in 2021.

Download Information

The version 021 software modules are available for download from Terrasolid’s extensively revamped website, but should not be installed until you’re in receipt of your v021 licenses. The v021 Terra License Server and Manager software is available for users to download and install ahead of receiving the new v021 licenses. We have tested the new v021 licenses and they do work with the v020 software, though users are encouraged to move to the v021 software once available to take advantage of the new features, improvements and bug fixes that are continuously being released.

TerraScan & TerraSlave Updates

In 2020, we saw 37 updates to TerraScan adding to its already extensive list of features. New features and improvements to existing functionality spanned all workflows and sensor types. Several new options and display modes were added in support of tripod laser scanners. Ground classification of photogrammetric point clouds was improved by the addition of a probability based on the vegetation index. MLS saw improvements in tools for working with projects, and an improvement to the pothole analysis workflow. ALS saw new rail extraction and building vectorization options. Data extraction and analysis options were improved by changes in the distance tools and speed improvements in several algorithms.

TerraSlave underwent a major transformation, improving its usefulness and efficiency for users not already amplifying their Terrasolid production through the GeoCue Workflow Management products. Users saw an improved user experience with the changeover to Windows style dialogs, allowing for scrolling and resizing dialogs much as we’ve become used to in newer software and Windows itself. The dialog changes were part of the separation of dependency on Bentley products, introducing for the first time an option to use the Terrasolid products without needing a Bentley license for most workflows and tools, and reducing the barrier to entry with the products by including licensing for Spatix, by GISware Integro, as part of the Terrasolid license.

Spatix Releases

Spatix itself has had multiple releases this year adding to the functionality of this lightweight CAD package. Many tools added were those specified by Terrasolid users as necessary to their LIDAR workflows: Layer Manager, measurement tools, element manipulation tools, DXF import/export, v8 design file (DGN) import, etc. If you haven’t looked at Terrasolid in Spatix recently, you should.

Terrascan For Spatix Terrasolid Release V021
Figure 1 : Terrascan For Spatix

TerraModeler Updates

TerraModeler had twelve updates expanding its functionality, which included multiple bug fixes, support for Inframodel 4.0, and a new Smoothen Linear Element tool that is very useful for smoothing vectors extracted by TerraScan for features such as top of rail and curbs.

TerraMatch Updates

TerraMatch had six releases improving functionality by adding support for Gaussian smoothing in Find Tie Line Fluctuations and in Filter Bad, resizable Windows, and the ability to search wall tie lines for airborne data sets.

TerraPhoto Updates

Twelve releases of TerraPhoto in 2020 added support across its extensive features for several new formats, speed improvements in several areas, resizable windows, and several bug fixes.

TerraSurvey Updates

TerraSurvey had a couple releases to improve compatibility.

TerraStereo Updates

The two releases of TerraStereo added new tools for group based manual editing and classification, improvements in stereo mode and navigation.

All new functionality in the Terrasolid products, much as it has been since 2016, is only in the 64-bit products. Only major bug fixes have been done in the 32-bit products each year. Users still working with the old 32-bit products need to transition to the 64-bit products to take advantage of the new features and improvements. Also, Bentley made end of life their v8i SS4 and earlier products, and will do the same for their v8i SS10 product at the end of 2021.

Not up to date on the latest tools and workflows? Questions on how your workflows may be improved? Looking for new ways to use LIDAR data? We provide training on the Terrasolid modules to users in North America. Contact us [email protected] for more information.

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