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Winter 2022 – Company Update

The next chapter of GeoCue!

As you’ve likely heard by now (news travels fast in this industry!), GeoCue was recently acquired by mdGroup. MdGroup is a technology company working in the realm of aerial surveying for multiple industry segements, bringing decades of industrial experience to the emerging field of aerial surveying and digitization with the enthusiasm and ingenuity of a start-up.

The history of GeoCue has been the product of hard work, determination, and the vision of president Lewis Graham. Under his direction and leadership, GeoCue has brought to market numerous drone mapping products and data processing softwares, including our data management offerings. These successes attracted the executives of mdGroup to GeoCue, seeing an opportunity to combine resources and successes to tackle the everyday challenges of high accuracy mapping. As GeoCue continues to work on bringing innovative products to market, you can rest assured, the foundation of our company still stands on providing excellent support to our growing list of customers.

Since the merger, Lewis Graham has stepped down as President of GeoCue Group to allow Frank Darmayan, COO of mdGroup, to step into the role. Frank has jumped right in, dedicating his time to understanding the GeoCue products, ways we can continue to improve, and getting to know the customers we serve. This allows for Lewis to shortly begin enjoying boat life as he and Nancy explore the American waterways of the Great Loop.

You’ll be hearing more from Frank in the near future, but here are a few quick words.” We are only a few weeks into this adventure and I am proud to be part of this incredible group of people. The level of technical expertise, at every level of the organization, is second to none. I am impressed every day with the competency and dedication to scientific knowledge, I have found this to be the culture at GeoCue. This dedication extends to interactions with customers, a new sale is an opportunity to help someone improve their process with technology. We will continue, and hopefully accelerate, our developments and bring more innovation to our True View payloads and LP360 software. Be on the lookout for good news in the next newsletter!”

For more information with one of our sales managers.