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Geocue Article


LIDAR data included as a standard layer in your ArcGIS® project (using LP360 for ArcGIS®, of course) can prove very useful, simply for dynamic visualization. Read more...

Geocue Article


As with any data, breaklines should undergo a QA/QC process. For breaklines this should entail a check for potential topology errors as well as incorrect elevation values. Read more...

Geocue Article


Learn how to use the GeoCue workflow management framework to manage LAS files in TerraScan. Read more...

Geocue Article


Much LIDAR data has been delivered in text format (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASCII) rather than the rich binary LAS format. In this article we examine the value of ASCII LIDAR data. Read more...

Geocue Article


This article will provide an overview of the LAS format, which is a public file format for the interchange of 3D point cloud data between data users. Read more...

Geocue Article


This technical note provides recommended flight planning procedures and suggestions for contractual data deliverables for organizations that are subcontracting field data collection for a LIDAR project to a service provider. Read more...

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