Inspecting 3DEP Data with LP360

Published On: November 29, 2017

The USGS 3DEP initiative addresses the need for high-quality topographic data of the entire United States through the systematic collection of LIDAR. However, as more and more municipalities receive their 3DEP data, several questions are beginning to arise including--what next?

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Intro to LP360:

  • LP360 is our desktop software.
  • It is used world wide for working with point-cloud data.
  • It was originally developed for ArcGIS, but can be run as a stand-alone as well.
  • Our customers using LP360 include federal agencies such as USGS, Army Corp of Engineers, etc.

What is 3DEP?

  • A 3D Elevation Program
    • gov/3DEP
  • USGS initiative for high quality elevation data collection
  • All of the data is public domain and available for download

What is LIDAR?

  • Light Detection and Ranging
  • Remote sensing method using light pulses to measure distance to the Earth
  • Can be collected airborne, spaceborne, ground-based, or by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

What Can I Derive from My 3DEP LIDAR Data?

  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Digital Surface Models
  • Hillshade Models
  • Contours
  • 3D Features
  • Analytics

Other Uses for 3DEP LIDAR Data:

  • Visualization
  • Measurement
  • Point Cloud Classification
  • Surface Modeling