Data Management for LIDAR

Data Management

Data Management

Data management needs range from internal workflow processes for production or analysis to archival and distribution to end use stakeholders. We provide a variety of local and cloud-hosted solutions for a wide range of applications.

Data Management

Data Management Services for LIDAR and Drone Mapping

Many data management problems are not amenable to an “out-of-the-box” solution. Data are often not in the exact format or condition needed by the hosting system and therefore need processing prior to posting. In some data management scenarios, data arrive on a period basis and need to be integrated into an existing distribution/management system. GeoCue offers a wide variety of data management services for organizations who either need assistance in this area or wish to outsource the process. Examples of available services include:

  • Data quality check and repair
  • Data transformation (spatial reference system, file formats, etc.)
  • Incremental posting to our Earth Sensor Portal, LIDAR Server or Reckon solutions
  • Total data management – for example managing all aspects of the receipt, QC and posting of 3DEP LIDAR data for a county

Support & Training

Data Management Support and Training for LIDAR and Drone Mapping

Being successful with complex data management requires that you have a trusted partner in your software and services vendor. We provide support services that range from answering quick questions regarding fine tuning your solution all the way to in-depth analysis of domain specific problems. We offer training that ranges from “off-the-shelf” product familiarization to programs that are specifically designed to address custom tailored solutions.

Consulting Services

Lidar Data Management and Consulting Services

The most cost effective bespoke data management solutions begin with a commercial-off-the-shelf solution and stack purpose-built “apps” on this common core. GeoCue’s Earth Sensor Portal is an extensive data management, workflow and distribution platform hosted in Amazon Web Services. Using this core technology, we can tailor a solution to specifically fit your needs without the need to start from “scratch.” Our consulting services team is in place and has considerable experience with different modalities of managing imagery, LIDAR and generic geospatial data. Contact us and we will be glad to evaluate your specific requirements.

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