Drone Mapping Solutions

We provide everything you need for your drone mapping projects from hardware and software to training, support and data management services to fit your needs.

Drone Mapping Products

3D Colorized Point Cloud Post-Processing Software True View EVO Logo

Post Processing Software

Fast data processing and final product creation.
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GeoCue 3D Imaging Sensor True View Logo

3D Imaging Systems (3DIS)

Innovative LIDAR + photogrammetry configuration integrated in a lightweight payload for use on commercial drone platforms. Includes complete software workflow.
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High Resolution Georeferenced Orthophotos

Process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.
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Drone Mapping

A drone with direct geopositioning capabilities makes acquiring, processing and analyzing data more accurate, easier and faster. Thus, providing a much-needed technical advantage in a highly competitive field. We provide the drone, drone PPK system and drone 3D mapping software solutions that enable you to perform high-accuracy drone 3D mapping. Applications of drone 3D mapping include:

  • Borrow Pit Analysis
  • Constrained Stockpile Volumetrics
  • Data Management
  • Digital Elevation Modeling
  • Direct Geopositioning
  • Orthophoto Generation
  • Stockpile Volumetrics
  • Topographic Mapping

True View

The True View® product series uses a common hardware and software foundation for a family of sensors. True View offers an innovative LIDAR + dual oblique mapping camera configuration integrated in a lightweight payload for use on commercial drone platforms. It allows for fast, easy automated generation of true 3D colorized point clouds, oblique imagery and orthophotos from a single drone flight. Applications of True View solutions include:

  • Stockpile volumetric surveys
  • Dormant site mine surveys (for example, overgrown with vegetation)
  • Active mine surveying
  • Mine overburden surveys
  • Earthworks projects including differential volumetrics (cut/fill)
  • General site surveys
  • General Topographic Surveys for land development
  • Dam, seawall, levee mapping and inspection

Drone Mapping Training & Support

Drone Mapping Training Photo

We provide the support and training services you need to implement and maintain a successful drone mapping workflow.

GeoCue provides a variety of training options for all GeoCue drone mapping products. Live webinar training, additional web training, and on-site are all options we offer based on your specific needs.

Our products are also supported by highly trained engineers and technicians for all aspects of the drone mapping workflow. The GeoCue Support team is committed to making all our customers achieve maximum benefit from their GeoCue investment.

Drone Mapping Services

Our drone mapping services can assist you with your mapping needs

Drones are becoming a must-have tool in the surveying toolbox. When incorporating modern technology, it is often helpful to do so in steps rather than taking it all on at once.  With that in mind, GeoCue’s Drone Mapping Services provides a range of abilities to fill the gaps in your drone mapping services from consulting to processing.

We provide the following services:

  • Full Service Data Processing
  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Data Cleaning
  • Volumetric Calculations
  • Contour Creation
  • Data Acquisition (Flying) in Select Areas

Drone Mapping Consulting Services

Our consulting services can help you enhance your drone mapping results.

Having the ability to create your own site maps or capture volumes in the fastest, most accurate way is certainly a desired result; however, getting there is sometimes a wall too hard to get over. GeoCue offers just the consulting services needed to easily integrate drone mapping into your workflow and provide your organization the many benefits of this exciting new technology. 

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Drones are becoming a must-have tool in the surveying toolbox. We provide products that will take you all the way from collecting low cost, high-accuracy point clouds and ortho images to organizing and tracking that data.

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Fixing Time Consuming Inventory Collection

Phillips’ Soil Products has been producing custom blended growing media for the horticulture industry since 1988. Faced with the challenge of how to accurately calculate inventory every quarter for bark and pumice stockpiles, Philips turned to GeoCue for a solution.

The Drone Mapping Suite (formerly the BYOD Mapping Kit) has saved us lots of time and lots of money!

Brian Forkner - Phillips Soil Products

About Our President: As Featured in Commercial UAV's
"Top 50 Commercial Drone Visionaries"

Lewis Graham is the President and Chief Technical Officer of GeoCue Corporation, a company whose focus is geospatial workflow management, particularly for LIDAR data processing. AirGon, LLC is the airborne micro-metric mapping subsidiary of the GeoCue Group, which is focused on creating metric mapping information from hyper-economical, small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

Lewis’ career has spanned a variety of industries and technologies, but lately, he’s been focused on what it means to enable high accuracy mapping with DJI drones. After having done over 1,200 projects, some with quite a few larger companies in construction and mining sites, GeoCue has been able to define what it means to get the most accuracy out of drones. Much of his approach comes from the philosophy that a good camera on a low-cost platform is a lot better than a mediocre camera on a high-end platform. It also directly led the creation of the Loki System, which is GeoCue’s third generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Post-Process Kinematic (PPK) direct geopositioning system for drones that supports “plug and play” capabilities with DJI drones.

Lewis is focused on helping professionals that are getting started with drones to begin with products like the Drone Mapping Suite, since they include everything someone needs to get their business running. Not understanding all of the nuances related to drone mapping causes many to avoid taking this step, and it’s something he’s working to change. “I don’t think you do need a lot of domain expertise, and I think that’s proven out by the fact that we’ve internalized this for a number of customers,” said Lewis. “We have a client that is using it for mapping wood chip piles and log piles, but they don’t have domain expertise in photogrammetry. Yet they’ve had no trouble at all internalizing these operations.”