Drone Mapping
Consulting Services

We provide customized services tailored to your drone mapping workflow

Site Specific Consulting

Our drone mapping consulting services are tailored specifically to your site’s particular needs. Contact us with your drone mapping needs today.

Sensor Calibration


One of the most important aspects affecting drone mapping accuracy is sensor calibration. AirGon consulting provides a camera (sensor) calibration service. Simply send your camera to us, and we will calibrate it, provide you with the correct calibration data for post processing, and return the calibrated camera for the most accurate drone mapping results.

Drone Mapping
Data Management Services

Lidar Data Management and Consulting Services

Data, to be useful must easily distributed to those who need it. Using Reckon, AirGon’s web-hosted data management tool, we can easily create a data management system for you to provide secure and easily accessible current drone data analysis to your stakeholders.

Drone Mapping Implementation

drone mapping implementation consulting

AirGon consulting services can create a drone mapping software and hardware system specifically to your needs.

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Drones are becoming a must-have tool in the surveying toolbox. We provide products that will take you all the way from collecting low cost, high-accuracy point clouds and ortho images to organizing and tracking that data.

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