True View 410
Drone LIDAR Subscription

High Quality Drone LIDAR Mapping, Risk Free!

Drone LIDAR is becoming very popular in the drone precision mapping community.  While photogrammetry (Structure from Motion, SfM) is the dominate way to do drone mapping (due to its very low entry cost), it does not provide a solution where there is vegetated ground or for modeling overhead structures such as wires.  

However, the cost barrier to entry for drone LIDAR is relatively high at approximately 80K, all in, for the lowest cost system.  An additional barrier to entry is the high cost and complexity of software tools necessary to enter this market. To ease the barriers to entry, consider using our drone LIDAR/imagery True View 410 Subscription.

What's Included in the
True View 410 Subscription?

True View 410 Packaging Case

Your True View 410 Drone LIDAR Subscription will include:

  • True View 410 3DIS LIDAR System
    • Quanergy M8 Ultra Laser Scanner
    • Dual 20 megapixel GeoCue Mapping Camera
      – includes mounting kit for M600 Pro drone (must be returned with the system)
  • True View Evo Processing Software
  • POSPac Cloud On Demand Subscription
  • True View Reckon Admin Subscription
  •  3,250 expiring True View Points per month

System is kept up to date with respect to hardware, firmware and calibration! Failed systems are exchanged within 2 business days (USA only, other countries vary)

What are True View Points?

Customers pay by the number of minutes the sensor is in motion. At the start of each month, customers receive 3,250 “timed” True View points. These points convert into flight minutes based on usage and choice of positioning solution. With 3,250 True View points, customers can typically fly 20 sites of 50 acres each per month. Additional True View Points can be purchased as needed. These extra points never expire and can be used towards the purchase of flight minutes, or on True View products and services.

• True View 410 HaaS customers receive 3,250 expiring (“timed”) True View Points at the start of each month
• These points expire at the end of the last day of the month
• Timed points can only be used to purchase KinMins
• Extra “Perpetual” True View Points can be purchased
• Current price is $1.00 (USD) per 1 True View Point
• Perpetual points never expire
• Perpetual points can be used to buy KinMins, True View products and True View services
• Perpetual points cannot be exchanged for money

How Long Can I Subscribe to a True View 410?

True View 410 Mounted on M600 in Flight

Under this model, you are effectively subscribing to the full True View solution. GeoCue understands that some projects take less/more time than others. We offer subscription periods as short as 1 month. During your subscription period you will receive both software and hardware updates as they occur. This keeps your technology in an “evergreen” state, and if you end up realizing that a traditional purchase is more practical for the future, your subscription can be terminated to allow the system purchase at a time that fits your schedule.

Available Subscription Commitments:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 12 Months

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