Drone Mapping
Training & Support Services

We provide training and support services to help you be successful with your drone mapping projects.

Drone Mapping
Training Services

GeoCue provides a variety of training services for all of our drone mapping products. Live webinar training is provided with the purchase of the Loki Direct Geopositioning system for drones. Additional web training can also be arranged as needed. We also offer on-site training services, which includes the added benefit of tailoring training to your specific drone mapping workflow.

Drone Mapping
Support Services

GeoCue products are supported by highly trained engineers and technicians for all aspects of the drone mapping workflow. In addition to having access to our support services, we have an extensive Knowledge Base giving immediate access to answers for many commonly asked questions and concerns. Our support staff acknowledges all support requests within a 4-hour (business) window so you get timely feedback on all support inquiries. The GeoCue Support team is committed to making all our customer achieve maximum benefit from their drone mapping investment. 

“I use the Inspire 2 to fly inventory for my company and I have had to call Matthew Stevens [at GeoCue] on several occasions while in the field and also on processing. Customer service has always been top notch and he has always been extremely patient and understanding and is always very helpful.”
– Jeremiah, GeoCue Customer

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