Data Management for LIDAR

Data Management

Drone Mapping Data
Management and Delivery

Keeping track of the results of drone mapping projects across your numerous, geographically scattered sites can be a real challenge. Our Reckon data management system provides a secure, cloud-hosted solution for data storage and analytic results dissemination. Reckon provides an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted environment with a web browser interface for end users. Data processing post information based on sites and project dates. End users of data can directly access information such as volumetric data (in pdf reports or downloadable spreadsheets) from their remote locations. Asset managers can quickly view sites in 3D to access conditions from any web browser. Reckon ensures that maximum value is obtained from your drone mapping investment. 

On-Premise LIDAR
Data Management

On-premise LIDAR hosting and distribution is the right model when you intend to distribute data only to internal users and have the IT infrastructure to support the data demands.  Our LIDAR Server product provides project-oriented server-based data management with a web browser interface for exploring, visualizing and downloading point cloud data in the ubiquitous LAS format. Organizations such as Southern Company employ LIDAR Server for managing LIDAR data that needs to be cataloged and easily accessed by employees and trusted stakeholders. 

LIDAR Production
Workflow Management

Airborne and mobile LIDAR mapping projects are becoming ever larger due to increasing data densities and project sizes. Managing the processing of these data and ensuring QC objectives are met from collection to delivery is a real challenge that involves:

  • Monitoring who is working on what
  • Arbitrating access to data
  • Accurately tracking project status
  • Tracking individual contributor productivity
  • Ensuring data meet acceptance criteria such as USGS base LIDAR requirements

Our GeoCue LIDAR production workflow suite works in conjunction with Terrasolid and LP360 to provide a complete, controlled production environment.  Used by market leaders such as Dewberry, Woolpert, Surveying & Mapping and many others, GeoCue is the mark of professional production. 

Cloud-hosted LIDAR/ Imagery
Data Management, Dissemination and Retrieval

Cloud-hosting is the right solution for managing and distributing LIDAR/Image data when you do not want to invest in the never-ending expense of adding internal IT resources (both equipment and personnel) and are very concerned regarding security of your internal systems. GeoCue offers a robust, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted solution that scales from a small county LIDAR hosting scenario to country-wide data management.  Our Earth Sensor Portal (ESP) solution provides secure data hosting with a web-based Data Explorer interface.  Considerations for deploying ESP include:

  • Pay as you go subscription model
  • Self-service client portal
  • Durable data storage
  • Extensive access and security controls
  • “User pays” download models to control subscription expenses

Workflow support for special delivery configurations

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