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Consulting Services for LIDAR Mapping

We offer customized consulting services to fit your LIDAR mapping needs.

LIDAR Data Management Consulting Services

Organize and manage your LIDAR data across your entire project portfolio and production team. GeoCue manages file-based data in a distributed warehouse system that is accessible by all users and workstations in your GeoCue deployment. Dispatched batch processes and remote users have access to the same data as local users and processes, which dramatically simplifies data management across branch offices and remote contractors. Integrated version control and backup tools reduce risk and simplify the management of all your data across all your projects.

Even if you are a one person or small production shop, you will see gains in production efficiency simply by eliminating much the of the manual file management overhead.

Eliminate the time spent searching for your LIDAR data!

LIDAR Workflow Consulting Services

Our Workflow Consulting Services group provides LIDAR workflow analysis, implementation planning, technology deployment and operational support services to firms looking to implement best practices and improve production efficiency across their organizations. We assist your staff by working with them from the very beginning of their decision-making process to build a customized solution tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to rapidly deploy innovative technologies or improve the efficiency of your existing workflows and LIDAR mapping tools. Our experienced team will create customized solutions that help you achieve your operational objectives while improving your bottom-line performance.

We recognize that our clients look to us for a range of professional consulting services in addition to providing them with the best enterprise-wide geospatial production management software. Whether you are building a business case for a major capital investment in advanced sensor hardware, managing the deployment of a new technology such as LIDAR, looking to build a detailed training curriculum for new staff or are an experienced firm looking for external process auditing and best practices advice, we can help you.

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