EVO Drone Mapping Software is now LP360 Drone

Fast data post-processing and final product creation.

LP360 Drone LiDAR Data Processing Software

LP360 Drone is a robust toolset for processing data collected from drone LiDAR or point clouds derived from photogrammetry. LP360 Drone has the ability to create and manipulate point cloud data directly from LAS files without any time-consuming importing or converting processes. Our drone mapping software provides tools for rapid visualization and derived product generation, bringing the power of 3D point clouds to the user's desktop and providing complete control of deliverables.

When included with a TrueView 3DIS system, LP360 Drone takes raw flight data and generates colorized and georeferenced 3D LiDAR point clouds. It allows users to geotag the imagery collected from the cameras onboard the TrueView system to create highly accurate orthomosaics. LP 360 Drone lets users ingest data from a TrueView sensor and process to end products without the need to employ other software applications, reducing workflow complexity and processing time.

High-Quality Deliverables from LP360 Drone

Automatic Ground Classification
Automatic Ground Classification
Volumetric Analysis
Volumetric Analysis
Digital Elevation Models
Digital Elevation Models
Cross Sections
Cross Sections
Transmission Line Modeling
Transmission Line Modeling
LP360 Drone: Post-Processing for Guest Sensors

LP360 Drone mapping software provides users the ability to:

  • Import project control for data QC
  • Utilize tools for volumetric analysis, generate reports with ease
  • Work with automatic and interactive classification toolsets

LP360 Drone Explorer

LP360 Drone Explorer is a free viewer for users who want to review data collected by a TrueView™ 3D Imaging Sensor, including TrueView guest sensors such as the Phantom 4 RTK. This interactive project delivery tool allows your customer to do their own data exploration.

TrueView EVO License Levels

TrueView™ EVO is a 64-bit Windows® desktop application used for processing and exploiting drone-collected point cloud data. Evaluate our EVO license levels to select the drone mapping software tools needed to successfully process your data. 

EVO Explorer

A free viewer aimed at users who want to review LIDAR point cloud and imagery data. This is an added benefit for clients of service providers, giving them a way to view and explore their data. 


Enables post-processing for TrueView Guest Sensors, such as the DJI P4 RTK and DJI P1 (M300 RTK) and DJI L1. EVO gives users the ability to visualize, quality check, classify, edit, and analyze 3D data.  Note: Allows project areas of up to 10 km2 of LIDAR data.


For those deploying a TrueView 3DIS, TrueView EVO 3DIS includes all advanced point cloud tasks and automatic classification routines with the addition of the TrueView workflow tools.  Note: Allows for project areas of up to 10 km2 of LIDAR data.

EVO Unlimited*

This license level contains all the EVO capabilities, but the project size is unlimited.


These packages include full DJI Zenmuse L1 support as well as features specific to this sensor:

  • Manage extensive list of Coordinate Systems
  • Separate LAS files by flight lines
  • Strip Alignment for geometric correction
  • Smoothing tools
  • Add GCPs for data QC
  • Access other tools of LP360
 DJI Zenmuse L1
True View EVO Capabilities
FeatureEVO ExplorerEVOEVO 3DISUnlimited
Import LP360 Explorer Package
Visualization of All LAS Attributes as Points and Surface Models
On-the-fly Surface Rendering (TIN) and Contouring with Break-in Enforcement
Integrated and Synchronized 3D and Profile Windows
Display all True Pose Images that "See" a 3D Point (Image Explorer)
Publish to TrueView Reckon
Create LP360 Explorer Package  
Export Derived Products: Rasters, Contours, Analytic Views, etc.  
PPK Processing for DJI P4 RTK, M 210 RTK and DJI P1 (M300 RTK)  
Management of Sensor Calibration Files in TrueView Reckon  
Breakline Enforcement of Surface Models  
Extensive Quality Check Tools  
Interactive Classification Tools  
Classify by Features: Including 3D Points, Lines, and Polygons  
Convert 2D Vectors to 3D by Automated Surface Elevation and Extraction  
Breakline Digitization Tools for Variety of Constraint Conditions  
Extensive 3D Feature Edit Tools  
Volumetric Analysis Tools, Including Automatic Toe Extraction  
Cross-section Generation and Export  
Integrated Support for Agisoft Metashape Pro (Metashape, Priced Separately)  
Integrated Support for Metashape for LP360 (MfE, Priced Separately)  
Integrated Support for StripAlign for LP360 (SAfE, Priced Separately)  
Metered access to StripAlign for LP360 (SAfE)    ♦
Automatic Ground Classification and Model Key Point Creation Tools    ♦
Automatic Planar Surface & Building Footprint Extraction    
Automatic Rail Alignment Extraction and Top of Rail Classification     
Automatic Powerline Classification    
Full End-to-End Processing for TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors    
TrueView 3DIS Sensor Firmware    
Future Enterprise Tools?      
Note: TrueView Unlimited contains all the LP360 capabilities, but the project size is unlimited.