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This webinar will be a general overview of the AirGon drone mapping workflow. Read more...

Geocue Article


Phillips’ Soil Products contacted AirGon for help with its quarterly product inventory of bark and pumice stockpiles. The company was struggling with its current inventory collection methods that they found were highly inaccurate, time consuming, dangerous and difficult. This case study will examine how AirGon Mapping Suite transformed Phillips’ Soil Products’ inventory routine to make it easier and more efficient. Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue Group President and CTO, Lewis Graham, discusses updates and latest happenings for November 2017 including our recent seminar held at Commercial UAV Expo and free LIDAR data to support hurricane relief efforts. Read more...

Geocue Article


Join the AirGon team as we discuss how the Loki direct geopositioning system for DJI drones and AirGon Mapping Suite enable the production of survey grade mapping products at a low cost. Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue Group and its subsidiary, AirGon LLC have developed a direct geopositioning PPK system compatible with DJI Drones for release in July/ August 2017. Read more...

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