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One new feature that helps improve existing workflows and streamlines the extraction of information and analysis using LIDAR data is a Write Group Info menu command (TerraScan -> Group -> Write group info) for writing a list of groups, such as those which represent trees. Read more...

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Terrasolid releases their 2021 version with new features, improvements and bug fixes on the software. Read more...

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Updates from our President, Lewis Graham, for August 2018. Read more...

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In order to accurately complete an aerial LIDAR survey it is important that the sensor is properly calibrated. Airborne LIDAR calibration can be a complex and daunting task. TerraScan and TerraMatch are a wonderful toolset to assist the analyst in determining and correcting these systematic errors. Read more...

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This technical note provides recommended flight planning procedures and suggestions for contractual data deliverables for organizations that are subcontracting field data collection for a LIDAR project to a service provider. Read more...

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