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Geocue Article


GeoCue's True View 410 is a 3D Imaging System (3DIS) Mapper, LIDAR Mapper, and Photogrammetric Mapper making it this system a 3-in-1 mapping sensor. Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue President/CTO, Lewis Graham, responds to the posed statement UAV LIDAR is not a simple upgrade from photogrammetry. Rebuttalling UAV LIDAR is not difficult! Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue presents a case example for using UAV LIDAR versus photogrammetry for volumetric inventory application aimed to improve your ROI. Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue provides solutions update to the True View product line, discussing case studies, new updates, and future additions to the True View product family. Read more...

Geocue Article


GeoCue presents a simple situation where a user wants to measure volume of a stockpile scenario to highlight basic volumetric analysis collected with 3D Imaging Sensor, True View 410 and processing with True View Evo. Read more...

Geocue Article


Wiregrass Construction has been using GeoCue’s drone imaging and analysis products since they were first introduced in 2013. Using Loki direct positioning system and LP360, Wiregrass has performed hundreds of site mapping missions for quarries, asphalt plants, and construction projects. Photogrammetry has been an invaluable tool, however on less active sites where stockpiles become overgrown with vegetation and overburden volumes need to be computed in vegetated areas, photogrammetry is not enough. These are clearly situations where LIDAR is the right tool for the job. Read more...

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