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What’s New in TerraSolid v018

Author: Geocue, February 22, 2018

We Will Cover:


  • Points on Surface Keyin Command
  • Earth Tones Scheme in Display Shaded Surface


  • Tie Point Report Improvements
  • Orima Tie Point Import
  • Camera View with Mobile Images
  • Detail Curve in Tie Points
  • Building Texturing for Locus Database
  • BigTIFF Support


  • Fix Lines menu command for fixing some lines
  • Open Main tool box sitting in Operation category.
  • File/ Save As menu command saves tie lines in old text file format if user gives file name wih.txt extension
  • Group Tie Lines
  • Signals on Vertical Surfaces
  • Tie Line Search in Macros
  • Search Cloud-to-Cloud Tie Lines


  • Import Scanner Positions for Trajectories
  • Slope Contouring in Export Raster Images
  • Group/ Clear by Class
  • Label Clearance
  • Find Poles
  • Find Curb Along Element
  • Up to Ten Color Channels
  • Vegetation Index
  • Draw Plane Section
  • Draw Roof Lines
  • Validate Models
  • Various Improvements in Editing Buildings

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