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True View 410
Technical & Business Seminar

True View 410 Mounted on M600 in Flight

Join us Tuesday for a technical and business seminar of GeoCue’s fully-integrated, drone deployed 3D Imaging System (LIDAR/Cameras), the True View 410.

This webinar discusses the True View Ecosystem, including a detailed discussion of the True View 410 system as well as the business models for deployment.

  • Included is a demonstrations of the True View 410 workflow from data ingest to colorized point cloud.
  • The demonstrations also covers advanced topics such as ground classification, noise filtering, data smoothing, and generating derived products in True View Evo.
  • To conclude, we demonstrate data publishing in True View (Reckon) portal and discuss upcoming additions to the True View product line.

There are Q&A segments throughout this seminar to discuss each topic.

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